Guldager Treatment

Guldager Electrolysis System – Corrosion Protection
Prevention and Correction
The Guldager Electrolysis System both prevents corrosion and works to cure the affects of corrosion already present in the system and is effective in water tanks and all the pipes leading in and out of the system whether galvanized, plastic or copper.
Versatile Operation
The system can be installed in hot and cold water systems
Off the Shelf System
The Guldager Electrolysis System connects externally to the water system and requires no complicated installation procedures or alterations to your existing system. This represents a significant saving in installation and maintenance costs.
Guldager Electrolysis – One System, Multiple Benefits
Environmentally friendly
The electrolysis process is free of harmful chemicals and harmless to the environment and humans.
Safe drinking water
The Guldager System does not adversely affect drinking water quality or taste.
Saving resources
The Guldager System has low energy needs and low water consumption rates.
Prevents damage and blockage
By eliminating scale buildup and corrosion the Guldager System helps prevents pipe and water tank damage as well as pipe blockages.
Automatic and controlled
The system is fully automatic and provides complete control over water quality.
Extended life span
The Guldager System extends the life span of hot and cold water systems in both the industrial and private sectors.
Low Installation costs
Because the Guldager System is installed externally to your existing system, installation is a relatively easy and cost efficient process.

Guldager – The Electrolysis Process

Electrolysis and the use of innovative, patented technology, prevents scaling.
A combination of a constant direct current and an aluminum electrode releases trace elements
of harmless aluminum into the water. These trace elements are distributed throughout the system and build up a uniform protective layer on all internal surfaces.
This process occurs even in water temperatures above 60o C.
This layer protects the system from the effects of corrosion, prevents the spread of corrosion already present and prevents scale build-up.

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