EST at ABFood

EST at United Nations

Mega EST

Mega EST

Mega EST in container

Scada at United Nations

Scada Menu United Nations

NEW! EST 10-1-7 For Cooling Towers from 200 TR up to 500TR

Below typical issues without EST

Pipe full of scale

Algae beards

Pitting corrosion

Chiller with corrosion

Red water


Cooling Tower filler full of scale

Cooling Tower full if scale and algae

Foam indicating bacteria

Pitting corrosion

Calcium carbonate


Heavy corrosion

Chiller and filler in poor shape.

EST chiller and filler and pipe

Bad news

Bad news

Clean filler with EST

ECP pipe

No corrosion with EST

Water supply with and without EST

United Nations with EST after 8 years

Ozone treatment

5 years NO EST

Isuzu 4 years with EST

Electro coagulation

EEC leachate treatment in China

EEC silica removal Eagle Cement

Water with oil and clear water after EEC

Removal of Blue dyed water

Unilever ice cream water, odor removed, water re-usable for process

180 ppm Silica removed to 18

Purefoods ammonia removal