NEW ! EST-D (disinfection)

NEW! EST-D with electrochemical chlorine dozing.

New EST project installed at UNILAB - Manila

New EST project installed at POSE - Chachoengsao

New EST project installed at TYK - Rayong

NEW! EST 10-1-7 for Cooling Towers from 200 to 500 TR


ECP pipe

During shut or close down, standing water often leads to formation of corrosion. Corrosion is not only harmful of itself but is often a feeding and breading ground for bacteria.

Elgressy can help you out with installing ECP. Contact us for information.

The Latest News: Elgressy and Abu Dhabi QS Monitor join forces for supplying Chemical Free Green & Clean water technologies for UAE Industry, Food and farming companies.



EST electrical box

EST electrical box door

SCG Kraft factory backside

SCG safety and Covid training

EST shelter B4 install

Loading EST for SCG

Supply from drain

EST ready to run

Piping IN / OUT / DRAIN

21 September 2020 EST commissioned and running


Instruction staff SCG

Full flow return to CT

Training SCG staff

Pump and strainer

9 February 2021 - Cleaning EST and installing NaCL dozing at SCG - Kraft

NaCL dozing installed

Removed scale

Scale on tankwall

Cleaned anodes

Cleaning and service at NaNa Square - Bangkok

Cathode NaNa Square

Cathode full of scale


Removed scale

Cleaned cathode

Cathode celaned from scale

Cleaning service at United Nations - Bangkok

Lifting lid from reactor tank

Scale on tankwall

Cleaned tank

Cleaned anodes

Cleaned and ready to run again

Removed scale in bags, ~ 50 kg

Cleaning service at Olympia Towers - Bangkok August 2020

Opening EST

Scale inside tank

Cleaned tank with scraper


Scale chips in sieve

Removed scale in bags ~ 25 kg

Cleaning service at Beta Weave - Bangkok August 2020

Lifting tank lid for cleaning

Tank inside full of scale

Tank inside cleaned from scale

Clean tank with scraper B4 closing and ready to run

Cleaned anodes ready to be re- mounted

Beta Weave - Bang Phli - Bangkok - calibration of sensors.

Calibration of conductivity sensor

Sept 14 - 2020 Cleaning Phase 1 and Phase 2 at Mitsubishi - Laem Chabang

Cleaning Phase 1 + 2 on Sept 18 at AB Food

Phase 1 cleaned and running

Phase 2 cleaned and running

Opening EST

Lid lifted B4 cleaning

Top view EST reactor full of scale after opening

Same EST reactor after cleaning

EST anodes after cleaning


Removed scale collected in bags for disposal

New planned project in November- 2021 : 1 x Double EST 25-3-25 for UNILAB by GLJM - Manila

New planned project in 2022 : 1 x EST25-3-25 + 1 x EEC for EAGLE CEMENT - Philippines

New project installed in June - 2021 : EL CHL for United Nations - Bangkok

New project in December- 2021 : 1 x EST25-3-25 For Pose - Thailand

New planned project 2022 : 1 x EST ALU + 1 x EL CHL for ON Semi - Vietnam

New project will run November - 2021 : 1 x EST25-3-25 For TYK - Thailand

New planned project for - 2022 : EST + EL CHL + EEC for PDDC - Manila - Philippines


Return treated water from EST

EST 25-3-25 delivered and will run November 19

POSE New factory

EST delivered to Pose Medical -Chachoengsao and will be installed in September 2021