At Elgressy and Aerialliftasia, we understand the unique requirements and challenges associated with water treatment.

We understand the need for durability, reliability and cost efficiency, and developed our revolutionary systems in accordance.

Our patented and innovative systems are applicable for the industrial, commercial and municipal sectors.

With patented and innovative electrochemistry, electrocoagulation and electro oxidation technology at its core, Elgressy developed groundbreaking, chemical-free water treatment solutions for industrial, commercial and municipal applications.
Elgressy’ industrial-grade systems revolutionize water and wastewater treatment by providing simple, reliable and cost-effective systems and knowhow.
Elgressy systems are designed for long life and simple serviceability, always keeping the operator and maintenance technician in mind.
Elgressy maintains lasting relationships with its customers by keeping their water treatment applications problem free and providing engineering, technical and training support.


Elgressy meets the challenge of advancing human and economic growth while minimizing their adverse effects, by eliminating the need for chemicals and facilitating significant fresh-water savings.

As the world population approaches eight billion, consumption and production levels are increasingly extending beyond the limits of our planet capacity.

Chemical pollution 

Chemicals have enabled productivity and quality of life throughout the world and are integral to our everyday life.

The current global annual chemical production stands at
2.3 billion tons and is projected to double by 2030, according the UN.

Driven by economic development, population dynamics and other global megatrends, the chemicals market across a range of industry sectors is expanding.

Though regulations have been implemented, experience teaches us that what we once thought was safe, often
turns out to have effects that manifest themselves in the long run.

Fresh Water Scarcity    

Fresh water is one of the worlds’ scarcest resources.

Only 2.5% of the earth’s water is fresh water, of which 70% is frozen in icecaps. Most of the remaining fresh water is
too deep underground to access; leaving only 1% of the earth’s fresh water available for human consumption.

It’s estimated that 23% of all fresh water spent is utilized for industry, of which a staggering 70% is spent on utilities.

We listen to you and respond to your specific needs by providing innovative and effective water treatment solutions with short lead times, high degree of flexibility, and great value for money.

We generate immense savings by eliminating chemical consumption, decreasing water expenditure and
lowering maintenance costs thereby facilitating a rapid return of investment.

We’re in business since early 2000 and Elgressy since 1977, installed thousands of systems globally and specialize in solving water related operational problems.

Our systems are modular, simple to install or retrofit, and built to last.

We’re exceptionally environmentally friendly.


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