AerialliftAsia and Elgressy Elgressy develops and markets comprehensive solutions and systems for the treatment and prevention of common cooling and waste water related problems including: scale, bacteria and corrosion. Elgressy systems provide solutions for cooling towersheat exchangershot and cold water systems and many other industrial applications, all based on a non-chemical technology. The technological platform developed by the company is based on electrochemical processes. Throughout the years thousands of Elgressy`s systems have been installed worldwide in various applications and market segments. The company`s systems have been tested by various laboratories in several international companies (Israel, Germany, USA, England, Spain etc.) and have proven their effectiveness beyond any doubt. The Elgressy systems and solutions do not pollute the water; therefore, the Health Ministry of Israel has approved the technology for the treatment of drinking water. AerialiftAsia of all Elgressy systems for S.E Asia since 2010 To see some of our installations in Thailand, please click here

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Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Where there is a need for cooling water, four factors cause concern for engineers and plant management: Corrosion, Scale, Bio-fouling and Algae.
Together, they cause major problems including: Health hazards, increased electricity and water consumption,

Heat Exchangers

The primary problem of heat exchangers and hot water systems is the buildup of scale, deposits of calcium or magnesium carbonate.

This encourages the development of three other serious problems: Micro-organisms and bacteria that affect the quality of the water, corrosion

Contamination Removal

Elgressy`s solution is based on electrolysis technology and can be installed both in hot and cold water systems. The technology both prevents corrosion and works to cure the affects of corrosion already present in the system and is effective in water tanks and all the pipes leading in and out of the system, whether galvanized, plastic or Copper.

Bacteria Eradication

Elgressy`s solution facilitates the automatic control and eradication of microorganisms in hot water systems based on an electro-chemical process which reduces significantly the sediment and scale within the hot water system.
Prevention of scale buildup and precipitation assists in the prevention of LP bacteria growth and also corrosion.

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